Just a story about a buncha idiots in reform school. There's a little bit of cooking, some fighting, and a looot of angry kids with issues.Their crimes are their flaws, and to get outta prison they gotta resolve those flaws.
Only question is... do they even wanna leave?

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Name: Heigi Duong
DOB: May 3rd (♉︎)
Age: 14
Personality: Skeptical, Considerate, Reticent, Logical, Aloof
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Cooking Club
Position: Leader
Sentence: 4 years
Likes: sharpening his knives, cooking, rules, fireworks
Dislikes: the quiet, crying, cracked glasses, bad liars, classical music
Hobbies: collecting leaves
Skills: can play the cello
- Always wears hair in 2 pigtails
- Owns a crap ton of cacti
- Extensive knowledge on board games
- Hates the supernatural
- The pressure he exerts always cracks his glasses

Heigi used to live an average life, that is until he was mistaken for another person and was wrongfully convicted for a crime he didn't commit. He used to work at his dad's restaurant and lived with his dad's friend until he was sent to the RRS. Heigi comes off as a very angry individual, but his face is just like that. He can't help but furrow his brows (it feels natural to him). But because of his appearance, most people believe he is angry and avoid him. His voice doesn't help him either. He typically sounds monotonous, but his voice tends to drop and sound more aggressive the longer he speaks. In reality, he's a gentle soul who is considerate of others. He is very logical, but he refuses to run away from a challenge, and will often face it head-on, regardless of how reckless it may be. This has earned him the respect and loyalty of many people at the RRS.
Heigi is the new kid at the school, and thanks to the person he was mistaken for, everyone assumes he is a ruthless individual. To everyone's surprise, Heigi simply wants to start his own restaurant within the school to feed the students proper meals. He has no desire to clear his name but he is driven by his passion for cooking to give people a better impression of himself. He recruits 5 people for his Cooking Club and begins working towards his long-life goal, all within a reform school.Input:
- Waylon: "He's kind of intimidating but the food he makes is sooo good. 10/10 love him."
- Arsen: "If he had more love in his heart then maybe he'd actually be able to accomplish his goals."
- Mallory: "Tells me a lot about the outside world. Kinda scary. Wish he never came to the school."
- Carter: "He's such a cool boss... I wish he'd look at me more."
- Gore: "He's terrifying in the best way possible :D !"
- Naff: "He needs to learn to relax more!"
- Ostheo: "No me deja ver sus dientes. Pinche huevón. "
- Yu-En: "He's a good fighter and he actually has some balls unlike some of the other guys here."
- Dario: "...No comment?"
- Ruse: "He hit me on his first day here. F*ckin' laaame."

Name: Waylon Vargas Castillo
DOB: July 7th (♋︎)
Age: 14
Personality: Sarcastic, Lazy, Cynical, Foolish, Pessimistic
Offense: Vandalized a national monument
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Cooking Club
Position: 2nd in command
Sentence: 4 years
Likes: sleeping, eating Heigi's food, drinking soda, fighting, riots
Dislikes: not taking showers, cloudy days, dry food, sad people
Hobbies: puzzle games
Skills: unbelievably lucky
- Hoards directional signs in room
- Only drinks soda
- Has the biggest appetite in school
- Good at keeping promises

At first glance, Waylon is another loudmouthed, disrespectful brat at the RRS. He's doing time for repeatedly vandalizing a national monument, but he could care less. All his closest friends are at the RRS and that's all he needs (he considers himself lucky for that). His laid-back behavior is notable in his complete disregard for the academic aspect of the school. Besides, it's hard to concentrate when the only thing on his mind are cute girls (and maybe cute boys…). Waylon leads people on to believe that he’s not as smart as he actually is, but Heigi is aware of his intelligence and recruited Waylon to be the first member of the Cooking Club.
Waylon has the tendency to ignore every one and work on puzzle games to keep himself occupied. He's generally very lazy and doesn't like doing hard work, but Heigi's passion for cooking drives even Waylon to put in some effort in the club. He tends to spend most of his savings on hair products and jewelry sold in the school's shop, but where does he get that money from? Who knows. The currency in the school is candy and Waylon always seems to have more than enough to spend. He likes to think he's popular, but he's probably one of the most disliked kids in the school because of his bad attitude. He's not a bully or anything, just annoyingly unbothered.Input:
- Heigi: "Efficient when he wants to be. Brings up the mood. Overall analysis: vital to the team."
- Arsen: "Passionate and easy to talk to. Too bad he's annoying and useless."
- Mallory: "Bad vibes. There's no way someone can be that content with life."
- Carter: "He's pretty funny. I don't get why he's always trying to get me to take off my helmet though..."
- Gore: "He always makes me shower :( ..."
- Naff: "I love his optimism!"
- Ostheo: "No me deja examinar sus dientes. Puto."
- Yu-En: "Decent fighter. He hardly gets angry though and his smug grin pisses me off."
- Dario: "Kind of a dick. He's always borrowing things and doesn't return them."
- Ruse: "He'd be a great friend if his morals didn't get in the way of everything."

Name: Gore Napangardi
DOB: Nov. 9th (♐︎)
Age: 13
Personality: Hot-Blooded, Competitive, Uncanny, Enthusiastic, Gross
Offense: Illegal underground wrestler
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Cooking Club
Position: Club Member
Sentence: 4 years
Likes: Running, fighting strong people, winning, reading peoples diaries, sappy love songs
Dislikes: slow people, showers, brushing his hair, studying, getting in trouble
Hobbies: counting things
Skills: inhumane strength
- His cape is torn from the sheet of the bed he used to sleep on from the underground
- He wears gloves because he tends to sweat and he doesn't want to make people uncomfortable
- His left eye tends to twitch, especially when he's nervous
- He likes to eat from the trash

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Gore is as wild and reckless as they come. His absolutely enamored with the idea of being strong and he wants other people to know it. He loves to randomly challenge people to fights. He hardly catches a wink of sleep because he's always training to get stronger. Of course, his friends will always go out and get him whenever he passes out from exhaustion. Gore does not understand emotions very well, so he finds it useful to read people's diaries to understand how others think and act. If he's not running, fighting, dumpster diving, or being an overall nuisance, he can be seen obsessively counting and labeling objects. His tourettes makes it difficult for him to count for long and he'll start over as soon as he messes up. This, paired along with his competitive nature, makes him pretty unpredictable. Regardless, he does not fight hurt people, but to merely improve himself.
- Heigi: "Extremely useful and obedient. He's truly reliable, but I wish he'd wash his hands more."
- Waylon: "The beeeest guy in this place. He does whatever I tell him to do. Isn't that sick?"
- Arsen: "An absolute joy to be around. He's very messy but I admire his passion."
- Mallory: "The only person who doesn't make me nervous. I like it when he's around."
- Carter: "He's fun but I think he can be pretty extreme sometimes..."
- Naff: "He laughs at all my jokes! He's great!"
- Ostheo: "Él visita mi oficina una vez al mes. Me gusta."
- Yu-En: "The only formidable opponent I have in this place. I can never beat him."
- Dario: "He seems to like dirt just as much as I do. Well, I like dirt more than him, but he's still a good guy."
- Ruse: "His eyes are incredible. I wish I could just pluck them out and lick 'em."

Name: Carter Tank
DOB: Nov. 9th (♎︎)
Age: 13
Personality: Supportive, Indecisive, Naive, Selfless, Blunt
Offense: Auto theft
Occupation: Guard at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Cooking Club
Position: Club Member
Sentence: 6 years
Likes: cars, speed, Heigi, stargazing, BBQ, robots
Dislikes: pushy people, flying, loud music, frogs, hard work
Hobbies: fixing things all over the school
Skills: mechanic
- Has a heavy Southern drawl
- Terrible at writing
- Doesn't like any other modes of transportation if it isn't a car
- Secretly has a bad attitude

Carter is a very kind and selfless person, but his naivety makes him susceptible to all sorts of trouble. He's inquisitive about things he does not understand, and will often ask to try out new things. He can be very perceptive and quick to react, but this is due to his fear of being hurt. He is very understanding and reasonable, but he can be quite blunt and stubborn when provoked. He finds most things, new and old, to be boring when compared to cars and racing. His love for NASCAR as a child prompted his love for tinkering around with cars and fixing them in his old garage. He can hotwire just about anything and he finds it fun, but it doesn't compare to his love for driving. He spends most of his time daydreaming about being free on the road in a nice car, driving on for miles.
Carter usually wears a helmet and he hates taking it off (unless Heigi asks him to, then he's more than happy to do so). He's considered a heartthrob at the RRS because of his good looks, but he doesn't seem to know it. Rather, he assumes people are gawking at him and judging his every move. Despite being one of the more popular kids, he's extremely bashful and prefers to be left alone. Even so, he's more than happy to be around the Cooking Club where he is comfortable enough to remove his helmet. He works as a guard at the school and enforces order to no avail.Input:
- Heigi: "Eager to please and he doesn't talk back to me. He's a bit of a suck-up though."
- Waylon: "He's cute, but not as cute as me."
- Arsen: "He might be beautiful but his timid nature makes me sad."
- Mallory: "Whenever he worries I start to worry and then I throw up. I wish he'd keep his distance..."
- Gore: "Cool guy :D !"
- Naff: "He makes me nervous..."
- Ostheo: "Uuuuuugh."
- Yu-En: "I can't fight him. What if I hurt his face?"
- Dario: "Just looking at him makes my day better."
- Ruse: "His eyes are a gorgeous amber color. Too bad he's always wearing that stupid helmet."

Name: Naff rhymes with Laugh
DOB: Jan. 15th (♑︎)
Age: 14
Personality: Clueless, Mischievous, Playful, Encouraging, Rowdy
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Art Club
Position: Club Member
Sentence: 6 years
Likes: clowns, juggling, Ostheo, horror films, purple things, those yellow smiley faces
Dislikes: critical people, loose threads, dead things, romantic movies
Hobbies: making dolls
Skills: sewing
- Color blind
- Has horns underneath his hat (because he may or may not be a demonic entity in the form of a teenage boy)
- Can juggle
- Always forgets to eat
- In love with (and possibly controlled by) Ostheo

Naff is a peculiar individual. He's the RRS resident jester! Or at least, he's aiming to become one. Naff loves clowns, all sorts of tomfoolery, and jokes. He's terrible at telling jokes though. His jokes usually fall flat and impress no one, but people laugh out of pity so they don't hurt his feelings, but this only strokes his ego. His innocence makes him somebody a lot of people at the RRS want to defend or protect, so it's rare for anyone to be mean to him. He was secluded for most of his youth, so he has a natural curiosity that gets him into a lot of trouble, but he doesn't care. He thinks most things are fun, but the one thing he can't stand is to be alone.
Naff is a part of the Art Club and he specializes in sewing (specifically fiber art). He's light-handed and very gentle and precise with the work he does, and this talent has led him to stitch up some of the injuries students at the RRS have received in their time at the school. Naff also seems to be able to bend space and reality itself for comedic purposes. How does he do it? Who knows.Input:
- Heigi: "Possible satanic spawn. I hardly see him in the cafeteria."
- Waylon: "Funky guy with funky dolls. I dig it."
- Arsen: "His devotion to Ostheo is breathtaking. Hopefully I can direct that devotion elsewhere."
- Mallory: "He makes me a lot of dolls and he's nice to me."
- Carter: "I don't think he likes me very much..."
- Gore: "I never understand what he's saying... I like that :) ."
- Ostheo: "Es útil."
- Yu-En: "He hit me once and it burned. I should talk to him more."
- Dario: "He's a great errand boy. I wish he valued himself more."
- Ruse: "He's taken out his own eyes to let me hold them. Such a nice guy."

Name: Arsen Alieva
DOB: Feb. 29th (♓︎)
Age: 14
Personality: Cheery, Self-Absorbed, Cunning, Emotional, Ethereal
Offense: Started and ran a cult
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Cooking Club
Position: Club Member
Sentence: 6 years
Likes: beautiful people, love, marriage, freedom, gemstones
Dislikes: ugly people, negative emotions, ambitionless people, eating too much, dull colors
Hobbies: writing love letters
Skills: persuasiveness
- Strongly believes in soul mates
- Always smiling
- Has a rose-tainted vision (literally. everything he sees has a pink hue)
- Loves polishing his gun
- Hopes to free all the students at the school one day

Arsen is a peculiar boy who often shows a calm demeanor. He is very cheerful and optimistic, but he distinguishes the dichotomy between optimism and positivity whenever he says something utterly honest and negative to people. He believes freedom is every person's birthright and this includes things such as dreams and love so long as they are not restricting. He is a very hopeful person and can be moved to tears whenever he speaks of it for too long. He is rarely shaken by terrible situations and is best described as emotionally numb and apathetic. He can be snarky at times and enjoys mocking people, but he usually back plays his rude behavior saying "Just kidding!".
He has convinced himself that he can feel other people's emotions and tears up whenever someone else is crying. Whether he is genuinely empathetic or not is hard to tell. He enjoys talking about love so much that he writes love letters for many of the people in the school, but the most heartfelt letters are reserved for his girlfriend. He also enjoys beautiful things and beautiful people, so he can be seen putting up small stickers of himself all over the school. His behavior is odd to most of the students, so his actions and words are almost always treated with suspicion, but he doesn't seem to mind.
- Heigi: "I can't trust him with anything. I should maintain my distance."
- Waylon: "Cute 'lil freak with questionable morals. I like his girlfriend more though."
- Mallory: "Everyone says he shouldn't be trusted but he's so nice..."
- Carter: "He's really patient and he smells like flowers..."
- Gore: "He's always encouraging me to train :D !"
- Naff: "Great guy! He totally understands my feelings!"
- Ostheo: "No puedes confiar en él. Al menos cuida sus dientes."
- Yu-En: "Weak. I would feel bad hitting him."
- Dario: "Sweet 'lil dude. He's got good advice."
- Ruse: "His insanity rivals mine, and I'm not a fan of competition."

Name: Mallory Xu
DOB: April 4th (♈︎)
Age: 14
Personality: Paranoid, Meek, Self-Deprecating, Impulsive, Selfish
Offense: Being born
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Cooking Club
Position: Club Member
Sentence: 18 years
Likes: Going outside the school, seeing new things, self-harm, writing in his diary
Dislikes: Throwing up, confrontation, not receiving attention, warm weather
Hobbies: making helmets
Skills: incredibly unlucky
- Anemic
- Haunted by the ghosts of the school
- Has never seen a movie made past 1993
- Roams the halls at night
- Cries at the slightest inconvenience

Mallory is a very frail and meek boy, but he can be very outspoken and impulsive when prompted. He hates the school with every fiber in his body, and being the eldest son of the warden certainly doesn't help. Instead of attending a genuine school, Mallory receives his education by the cold and ruthless teachers at the RRS. He knows nothing beyond the walls and great forest that surround the school and he craves the day he finally gets to leave. He keeps himself occupied by writing down his fantasies in his diary, but with these fantasies come ridiculous fears he has of the real world. He copes by making protective gear for whatever dangers he may come across, but even then that isn't enough for him. He has a bad habit of harming himself and chugging energy drinks until he throws up. This, of course, results in him having a tic where he twitches his head and eyes. Most of the students find him either uncomfortable to be around or irritating, making him quite unpopular.
- Heigi: "Clumsy and he breathes hard all the time. I'm worried he'll puke in the food."
- Waylon: "He twitches a lot. Are we sure he's not on anything?"
- Arsen: "A misguided soul. His ambitions precede him."
- Carter: "I think I relate to him a lot, but I probably make him nervous..."
- Gore: "He lights up when he tells me about his dreams :) ."
- Naff: "I don't like it when he looks at me!"
- Ostheo: "No se me permite estar cerca de él."
- Yu-En: "He's weak but he can definitely take a punch."
- Dario: "He's cool. I like it when he laughs."
- Ruse: "His dad, who owns the whole goddamn place, ignores him! He's so sad it's funny."

TextName: Ostheo Dien
DOB: July 14th (♊︎)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: Obsessive, Stubborn, Pushy, Eccentric, Compulsive
Offense: Performed unlicensed surgeries
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: (unofficial) Dentistry Club
Position: Club Member
Sentence: 5 years
Likes: playing in people's mouth, pulling out teeth, watching clouds, putting everything he can find in medical jars
Dislikes: unhygienic people, sweet food, pushovers, dirty tools, corrosive materials
Hobbies: collecting bones
Skills: can play the organ
- Filed his teeth
- Can't swim
- Missing a kidney

Bio: Ostheo is a very eccentric boy who keeps to himself. He doesn't have many friends except for Naff, who follows Ostheo around most of the time. Being unpopular doesn't stop him from trying to get students at the reform school to visit him for checkups at his makeshift dentist's office. Most people dislike him because of the unorthodox methods he uses to convince people to let him see their teeth. He doesn't speak English very well and people will talk about him behind his back, assuming he can't understand, but he hears every word and remembers it. His questionable motives make him one of the more monitored students at the school, and to appease to his unpredictable behavior, he is allowed to get away with many things just to keep the peace.Although it isn't allowed, Ostheo has his own club at the school with himself as the only member. He uses an abandoned room as his "dentist's office", which is where he carries out surgeries and other medical practices. He gets most of his materials from Naff, who is always willing to lend him a hand. Most people are convinced Ostheo has hijacked his brain and has possibly even done surgeries to himself.Input:
- Heigi: "I wish I could ban him from the cafeteria but everyone has to eat. I guess."
- Waylon: "I wish I could put a restraining order on him."
- Arsen: "I'm afraid I can't trust him."
- Mallory: "Ack! He's the worst!"
- Carter: "I think he wants to kill me..."
- Gore: "He helps me take care of my teeth :D !"
- Naff: "He's the best person in this school. I wish he'd look at me more."
- Yu-En: "His teeth are nice, but other than that I don't really care about him."
- Dario: "We all got our quirks. I'd prefer it if he didn't put his hands in my mouth though."
- Ruse: "Everyone thinks he can't understand them but he so totally can. It's great to just know that."

TextName: Yu-En
DOB: Nov. 13th (♏︎)
Age: 15
Personality: Stoic, Egotistical, Barbaric, Impatient, Reserved
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Drama Club
Position: Leader
Sentence: 5 years
Likes: opera, violence, The Divine One, his hair, painting his nails
Dislikes: positivity, Holidays, snow, maggots, loud noises
Hobbies: fishing
Skills: can pack a punch
- Extremely religious
- Lacks a pulse
- Only drinks O blood
- Extensive knowledge on fish
- Owns a pet rat

Despite the blood he's always drinking and the fangs protruding from his mouth, Yu-En claims he's not a vampire. He's sensitive to moonlight and doesn't mind garlic at all, but he swears upon The Bible of Drac that he is a vampire. Whether he's committed to hiding his identity or genuinely believes what he says, Yu-En isn't good at convincing the other students he's not a blood-sucking fiend. He even claims he filed down his teeth to make fangs to easily puncture skin. But his violent tendencies go beyond just drinking blood. Yu-En has a silent temper and enjoys fighting other students. He even goes as far to cause drama on purpose just so he has an excuse to scrap with the others. The only student who doesn't fear him would be his best friend (by convenience): Dario. The two are always hanging around each other, and Dario is the only person Yu-En tolerates.
- Heigi: "I strive to satiate people's hunger, so if he wants to fight then it's a fight he'll get."
- Waylon: "He sent me into a coma once and I missed the season finale of my favorite T.V. show. I don't like him."
- Arsen: "His passion for battle is impressive. I do wish he would use that flame to inspire others."
- Mallory: "I had to make a special helmet to protect my head from his fists..."
- Carter: "He's never challenged me to a fight luckily..."
- Gore: "My greatest opponent ever >:D !"
- Naff: "He's full of life despite being so dead!"
- Ostheo: "Sus dientes son agradables. Tal vez algún día me deje mirarlos."
- Dario: "My bestest pal. Hopefully he learns to control his anger."
- Ruse: "He's the reason I have nerve damage in my right hand. So I guess you can say I respect him a little."

Name: Dario Cardenas
DOB: Aug. 30th (♍︎)
Age: 16
Personality: Laid-back, Irresponsible, Detached, Apathetic, Clever
Offense: Grave desecration
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Writing Club
Position: Leader
Sentence: 4 years
Likes: dirt, insects, adult-related material, board games, drinking, Mallory
Dislikes: petty drama, talkative people, poorly written stories, AA meetings
Hobbies: writing
Skills: can identify different types of soil
- Hides things in his hair
- Not allowed to remove his chains
- Usually sleeps 14 hours a day
- Covers damaged eye with fringe

Bio: While some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, Dario was probably born with a shovel in his. The guy just loves digging holes, and he makes sure everyone knows it. He can go on and on about his family's cremation and burial services to anyone who'll lend him an ear, but it's because of this family business that he developed a fascination with the dearly departed and their belongings. Dario couldn't understand why a valuable necklace or watch would go to waste in a casket when you could sell that very thing. The only way he could cope with his desires was to drink, but after a night of going overboard he woke up 6 feet under next to a corpse. One thing led to another and he now had a bad habit of making bank off of dead peoples valuables.Dario is completely harmless and doesn't enjoy any sort of violence. His relaxed personality contrasts the rest of the angry students and his good behavior has earned him a few privileges (which he obviously relishes in). He'll use this to his advantage to order drinks or naughty magazines. And as if things couldn't get any better, his hobby of digging holes earns him some cash from the Gardening Club (as well as the questionable Science Club and the Nurse's office).Input:
- Heigi: "He's a lot smarter than he looks. He drinks too much though."
- Waylon: "Single-handedly the most generous guy ever. He lends me stuff aaall the time."
- Arsen: "His interests are peculiar but his obsession with them is sweet."
- Mallory: "He's pretty cool I guess..."
- Carter: "He says he's trying to man me up when he shows me those magazines of his..."
- Gore: "I don't what it is he puts in my drinks but it gives me more energy :) ."
- Naff: "I stitched him up! Didn't I do a great job?"
- Ostheo: "No me gusta que lo traten mejor que a mí. Nunca he lastimado a nadie."
- Yu-En: "The only tolerable person in this forsaken building. I enjoy his writing."
- Ruse: "Eeeeveryone acts like he's their big brother. It's so annoying."

Name: Ruse
DOB: Aug. 12th (♌︎)
Age: 15
Personality: Self-Obsessed, Apathetic, Ditzy, Troublemaker, Short-Tempered
Offense: Organ Theft
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: None
Position: None
Sentence: 5 years
Likes: eyeballs, the color green, hitting people, brushing his hair, liars,
Dislikes: taking orders, sleazy guys, cheer-leading, his little brother
Hobbies: makes YTPs
Skills: exceptional eyesight
- Only attends class to talk back at teachers
- Only eats raw foods
- Has to cut his hair often because of how fast it grows

As the school's resident troublemaker, Ruse is a pain in everyone's ass. He goes out of his way to make things harder for everyone around him just because he can. He'll be upfront with his opinions and perspective without caring about who he'll upset. Because of this, he has no friends and speaks out loud to himself when he's alone. He also makes very intense and direct eye contact on purpose to annoy people. Despite his antics, he does manage to keep his cool, but his temper can definitely get the best of him when he's provoked (which is rare, luckily). The only person who really gets on his nerves would be his younger brother (the accomplice to his crimes). He finds him to be a nuisance but protects him anyway.
Because he's not in a club, Ruse has a lot of free time to wander the school and note anything he believes will aid him in his escape. He makes an attempt about once a month, to no avail. He's hyper-aware of his surrounding and seems to be the only student to acknowledge how corrupt the school is. However, this doesn't make him any nicer to those around him. This coincides with his philosophy on treating everyone equally. To top it all off, Ruse is a bit of a kleptomaniac and does pretty well at lying his way out of sticky situations. His tendency to steal is again another thing he enjoys doing to bother people. It's a surprise he hasn't been offed yet by his peers.Input:
- Heigi: "I don't like him."
- Waylon: "He's such an asshole. He could at least be nice to his brother."
- Arsen: "His eagerness to leave this place is admirable, but it gets in my way."
- Mallory: "He makes fun of me all the time..."
- Carter: "He's always asking me to take off my helmet..."
- Gore: "He likes my eyes a little too much :( ."
- Naff: "He always tells me I have buggy eyes."
- Ostheo: "Lo considero un conocido. Una molestia."
- Yu-En: "We arm-wrestled once. I think I broke his hand."
- Dario: "That little man needs to stay at least 20 feet away from me."

Name: Unknown (goes by Zomboy)
DOB: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Personality: Aloof, Capricious, Cautious, Sluggish, Sardonic
Offense: Unknown
Occupation: Student at Rorretville Reform School
Affiliation: Drama Club
Position: Member
Sentence: Unknown
Likes: biting people, smoking, space, worms, 70s music
Dislikes: cars, drooling, authority, bad hair days, modern music
Hobbies: urban exploration
Skills: cutting hair
- Died in a car accident sometime in the 70s
- Takes a formaldehyde bath every week
- Afraid of storms
- Smokes a pack a day

Dying before he could carry out his sentence, Zomboy was revived for just that. After his body was found a few weeks after his death, a long hex bolt was lodged into his neck and he was electrocuted back to life. Very little is known about his identity and he's been at the school for over 20 years now, making him the "oldest" student. Every now and then he has to be electrocuted using alligator clips and jumper wires so he can retain his conscious. Without it, he'll turn into a mindless "zombie" who goes around biting people. His speech always degrades the longer he goes without being electrocuted. For most of the time he'll communicate with sign language or grunts, but for the first few days after being electrocuted he can form a few sentences.
Despite his nickname and appearance, he is not a zombie, but more of a "Frankenstein". Despite this, he has the urge to bite people, but luckily those he bites don't have to worry about transforming into a mindless beast (only rabies). He is aware he's dead and has no qualms with smoking and will typically go through one pack a day. Most students ignore him and even the school's warden doesn't know who he is. Will he ever finish his sentence? Probably not.Input:
- Heigi: "I always make sure to save the scraps and leftovers for him."
- Waylon: "He's real good at cutting hair when he's charged at 100%."
- Arsen: "No ambitions or passions. A very sad soul... if he even has one."
- Mallory: "He's bitten me more times than I can remember..."
- Carter: "It's not his fault a car killed him. He should be afraid of whoever was driving. Not the vehicle."
- Gore: "His bite really hurts D: !"
- Naff: "Why does Ostheo give him any attention? He's dead."
- Ostheo: "Sus huesos están expuestos y son tan hermosos."
- Yu-En: "He's very dedicated to the club and we share the same habit of biting people. He does smell pretty bad though."
- Dario: "Poor guy was never buried, so I dug a hole for him that he loves sitting in."
- Ruse: "Hmmm. He's not very useful or exciting. His eyes are so sunken in I can't even see them. Boring!"